I have a huge cat...Thorn. Got him at the SPCA in Pensacola 3 years ago...I walked in and they had over 100 cats. So I walked back out (was wearing my uniform so no time to play with the kitties) and just said give me the one that has been here the longest. He is 16 lb, and long and lean...about the length of my torso without his head or tail (so his torso is the same as my torso!). He is a huge predator...although when I first got him, he was very sick. He's better now though :)

Then my dad got a trap for me to trap mice at my disgusting dorm room ....

but now that I'm out we have been using it (humanely) to catch other beasts...including a HUGE armadillo!


I got some pictures of graduation in June finally...we had a great time. The first picture is of me and my parents in the courtyard...

The second picture is of my dad on a duck tour of Boston, driving a WWII amphibious vehicle, called a Duck.


I found the pictures of the curtains I made for our spare can see them here...we are going for a relaxing island theme in the upstairs 1/2 of the house.

House update

So I've been away from the blog for a long time, but I'm planning on being more diligent than I have been. We did move, on 5/9/2008 and we have been painting. By we, I mean me. For goodness sakes, I am only one person though! Now I am sewing curtains for the 20,000 bazillion windows of our least they all have blinds. And the painting is complete.