I See Me! Books Update

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Remember the I See Me! books? Well, in addition to using the 20% OFF coupon code INCREDIBLE until August 31, 2011, you can also get free Personalized stickers!
They have books for introducing a baby's name, pirate adventures for boys, or fairy tales for girls.

Boy's Shoes - Gray Plaid

I love this fabric for a pair of little boy's shoes. These are 3-6 months.

These actually also have a felt liner so there are no rough edges inside. I also have the same type of style with dinosaur fabric.
Have you ever seen the Tatertots and Jello blog? I love love love this blog and check frequently for crafting ideas, from quilting to homemade gifts. She is very creative and has unique ideas (puff quilts anyone?).

So many different ways to use these, but I would love to use them in my etsy shop packaging if I won the giveaway! What would you use them for?

She is currently having a giveaway for Twisted Sugar Twine, which is sooo cute!

I See Me! Books

Have you ever seen the I See Me! books? They are customizable. I first heard about them when my dear friend, J, bought my daughter a book....in it, colorful, beautiful animals spell both her first and last name in rhyme. It is so imaginative and fun!

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They have other options instead of introducing a baby's name, like pirate adventures for boys or or fairy tales for girls.

Here is a picture of the letter pages for the My Very Own Name book we have:

Well, until August 31, 2011, you can get 20% off these books with the code INCREDIBLE! If you saw the Eversave coupon a while back, I think you could combine with that gift certificate for an even lower price.

Onesie Tie with Shoes to Match!

Ok, I just made this outfit for a baby gift size 0-3 months....what do you think?

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I rather like the polka dots! And it is more grown up than the normal nursery material with animals. It was simple: drew a pattern of the tie, ironed on wonder under (heat bond actually), ironed on the tie to the onesie, sewed the seams with a zig-zag stitch (in Navy blue thread to match), and then washed to be sure it would stay together. I'm so pleased it came out so well!

These are on etsy -- PM me if you like the set but want a custom order.

New Post, New Blog -- Almost

Wow, it has been almost a year since I last posted.

In that time, a lot has happened. I got pregnant, we moved (without selling the old house), we have a buyer for the house, we tried one type of short sale, we got denied, we are in the process of another type of short sale, I started a new job, we had the baby (a girl - M), and I started an etsy business.

Which leads me to my new point of view for blogland - - CRAFTING! I love it, and so should you. Even if you aren't all that creative, you should try crafting just for the heck of it. And in that line, I would like to share my new creations from etsy. Keep in mind, most of what I create, I create because I love the process. I love the feel of fabric, the clack of the sewing machine, the little fuzz that scissors get on them when cutting thick fabrics.....even though that means more cleaning. So stick with me, invite your friends, find some cool stuff to send to me. We can have fun!