Publix Deal - 8/21

Went to Publix today:
2 Gallons of milk
2 A1 Steak sauce
2 Motts juice
2 V8 Splash
2 Cheez-Its
2 Ritz crackers
2 Hefty aluminum pans
Pork chops
2 Wholesome goodness cups
2 Tostitos bags
2 CFL GE Smart bulbs
2 Welch's squeezable jelly
Sara Lee Loaf of bread (FREE)
2 Reuseable Shopping bags (FREE)
2 Tomatoes
2 Dial Body washes
2 Packs of Hot dogs
2 Bush's Baked Beans
Grand total: Got $111.86 worth of items for $67.70 which is a savings of: 39.4%

I am proud of myself because I'm lowering my $100 a week original budget a lot and getting more than the $100 in merchandise a week so we eat better and go out to week less often.

CVS Deal - 8/21

Went to CVS and did three transactions:

1.99 * 2 Oral B toothbrush
4.19 * 3 Bandaid
.99 CVS Baby Travel wipes
- 1.00 * 2 Bandaid Q
- .50 Bandaid Q
- 2 * 2 Oral B Q (they had to push this through)
- 2/10 CVS Q
- 2 Skincare CVS Q
- 5 ECB
TOTAL OOP with tax : $2.04 paid with gift card
Earned 5 ECB for J&J Bandaids & 2 for Oral B Toothbrushes
(cost...4 cents!) And it would have been lower the bandaid prices on the shelf were less than 4.19 but this was great anyways

1.99 * 2 Oral B Toothbrushes
2.99 J&J Cloth tape
7.99 J&J First aid kit
.99 CVS Travel baby wipes
-1.00*2 J&J first aid Q
-2/10 CVS Q
-2 Skincare CVS Q
-2*2 Oral B Q (had to push these through)
-5 ECB
TOTAL OOP with Tax: $.95 paid with gift card
Earned 5.00 ECB for J&J and 2.00 for Oral B Toothbrushes
cost? -1.05! awesome!

2.29 * 4 Foamy shaving cream
4.29 * 2 Sunsilk shampoo/conditioner
.99 CVS Baby travel wipes
-2.29 * 2 BOGO Foamy
-4.29 Sunsilk BOGO
-2/10 CVS Q
-2 CVS Skincare Q
-1.50 * 2 Sunsilk Q
-2 ECB
Total OOP with tax: 1.10
which basically was the negative price I got in transaction this all cost me only .09!!

Grandtotal: Paid 4.09 (all on gift card) for a total of 56.46 in merchandise which is savings of: 92.8%!

Tropical Storm Fay

Between the company visiting me this weekend and the weather, I haven't been hounding. I'm hoping to go to the grocery store today. Here is what the outside looked like...our dock is underwater. Nothing else to report except we have water in the carpet on the enclosed porch so it stinks out there. Have to let that dry later.


At last, a view of my is all in one closet (minus what I have under the sink and above the washer). Everyone thinks it's great. They come and go "shopping". See the purple in the last picture? They are the CVS travel wipes (12 ct) and I get one for every transaction because .99 - 2 (CVS Skincare Q) = -1.01!! They make me money :)
I have a lot of shampoo/conditioner, detergent, soap, toothpaste (I think over 20 tubes), and Smart Rinse. I also have a ton of Lysol products.

Curtains anyone?

I made all the curtains for my new house and here is what I did:

They are made from 3 flat sheets...2 Queen for the background fabric and 1 printed with white starfish. Perfect for the beach! It took a long time, but hey time is money :)

CVS Deal - 8/14

I don't have time to go through the receipt but I took pictures and basically copied most of what is on much success! One problem...I forgot to use one of my $2 off Skin Effects coupons and since my manager allows stacking, that was terrible! Oh well, it was still great and I paid about $10 on a gift card that I already had, which was also free!