CVS Diaper Deal

I'm gearing up for this Sunday's CVS ad & the Black Friday ad, but until then, here's a deal for those that need/use diapers.

Get 3 of this Huggies $3 off Snug & Dry Printable Coupon.

Then go to CVS & buy 3 Jumbo packs of Snug & Dry diapers.  Mine still had plenty.

10.00 Diapers
10.00 Diapers
10.00 Diapers
= 30.00
- $3*3 coupon
(you get back $10 ECB wyb $30 of diapers)
COST = 11.00 or 3.66 each.

Shutterfly Christmas Cards

A bit early for Christmas cards, but if you are a list-type person, perhaps you're looking for a deal?

Well, we got ours at Shutterfly!

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Try these promos today:  YAY4HOLIDAY (expires 11/7) for $10 off $20 order, 20% off 5x7 and 4x8 photo cards currently running without a code, and SHIP30 (expires 11/30) for free shipping on orders of $30 or more.  Saved $44.39!  And that will cover almost all of our stamps!
There are a ton of pins on pinterest about airplane parties.  BUT, mine wasn't for a boy & I didn't want to go with strictly a plane party.  I wanted any type of air travel (helicopters, paper airplanes, kites, hot air balloons, planes, travel globes, etc).  So it turned into a more diverse theme as I pulled together all the elements.  All the links to each part of the project are at the end of this post.  I also have an airplane themed party pinboard that you can follow if you'd like.

We sent out boarding pass invitations to the guests.

I printed pictures of the birthday girl throughout the year and hung them on chicken wire.  It didn't turn out quite like I expected, but I gave it my best shot and people liked the pictures a lot.  This idea was from pinterest.
I simulated hot air balloons on the gift table with baskets from the dollar store, some silk flowers that I keep on hand and mix and match to go with the party colors, and some helium filled balloons.  I liked that it wasn't a literal translation of the air travel theme, but still was fun and a great way to add some interest to the table.
 Below you can see the kites I made hanging in the pavilion.  They were a bit heavy and fell about halfway through the party, but if you had hooks, they would stay up just fine.  I'd love to see someone else take this idea to the next level.
We used the beehive from the bumblebee party to serve lemonade, aka Jet Fuel.
 I made some cake pops (really marshmallow pops) that are shaped like propellers.  I used the chalkboard signs from the bumblebee party to name these "Prop Pops".  I like the sound of that!  This was an idea from pinterest, too.
 Here are some of the cupcakes I made, with pinwheels shaped from starburst candies.  I got this idea from pinterest.  I made the cupcake stand from Goodwill findings.
 Here's another shot of the hot air balloon centerpiece I put together.
 The party favors were gliders from oriental trader, wrapped in sheets of tissue papers, and then wrapped with crocheted kites.  The idea for the crocheted kites is here.
 We also had people write advice down for the Birthday Girl or guess what she'll be when she grows up.  She got some good, funny advice.  You can also see inside the basket the Passports I made for each child who attended the party.  It had their name & picture inside, along with coloring pages and a place for stickers.  It kept the kids' attention during the party for a good while. 
 My mom with the Birthday Girl:
 A Propeller plane watermelon (pinterest idea):
 The cake was on the table with the party table skirt I made from Goodwill finds.  I added the paper airplanes on a string to hang over the cake.  I also borrowed a globe to complete the dessert table.
The cardboard box airplane was a huge hit too, although it didn't hold up for long when they squeezed four kids inside.
  Overall it was a very happy day!

 Last but not least, I made Amelia her own airplane hat with white flying scarf.

Want to see how to complete each part of the party?  Follow these links:
1 - Boarding Pass Invitations - including Silhouette studio file and Publisher files to make your own FREE
2 - Pretend Passport Activity Books - including Silhouette studio files to make your own FREE
3 - Glider Party Favors with crocheted kites
4 - Cupcake Stand from candlesticks and glass platters
5 - Welcoming Kites with Name
6 - Dessert Table Cloth - multi-tiered ruffles!
7 - Cardboard Box Airplane - you only need one box and a roll of tape

Like this post?  Then

Halloween 2012

I didn't even get around to doing pumpkin carving until right before Trick or Treating.  So we just did it in the front yard  to keep things cleaner inside.  Millie didn't want anything to do with it.  She wouldn't touch the pumpkin guts and was pretty scared of them, actually, which isn't like her.  Basic pumpkin carving is all I will attempt with an 18-month-old, so we just had a grinning jack-o-lantern.  The finished product is at the very end of this post.
But, after a while, she was pretty distracted and remembered what other chores we do on the front porch....watering.
Shiny spoons are always a favorite.  This is Millie's great-grandmother's spoon.  I like that.  Which is why we are keeping a broken handled mauve spoon.
Hard at work.  Go Millie, Go!  Water those plants.  She talks to herself and is always very serious when completing a task.

On to the plants.
She actually got pretty near some of the plants, but ended up sitting down.  When you are watering yourself, and the plants, it can get a little bit wet.

After our family arrived, we went to a festival at a nearby church, and they had a free petting zoo.
Millie really likes animals, but I suppose all kids do.  She was very into petting the sheep.
And they had a free bounce house.  Her cousin, Rider Batman, was also with us and he had a great time.

Then we went on a hayride!

Finally, we did a little bit of Trick-or-Treating in our wagon (which is my wagon, actually).
And trick-or-treating isn't complete without the dog.

Happy Halloween!  It is my favorite holiday of the year and I hope it is yours too!