My apologies

So sorry that I've been MIA on my blog. Things got crazy right around Christmas time.

My great aunt Margaret did like her quilt. I hadn't heard from her though and got quite worried until I got a card on the 27th of December to tell me she finally moved out of her house and into a facility, so she wouldn't be alone all the time. Whew. That really scared me. I've never met her, but I feel attached now that I found her and have talked to her so much.

I've been doing a lot of genealogy research now too. That takes up a ton of time at home, when I normally go shopping and save my receipts and post them here.

We got our dock built finally. I'll share pictures sometime. And of course, I've been doing a few yard work projects. I planted my garden. My dad and I worked on the chain link fence that was uncovered after I chopped our bouganvillea down to the ground level, since Tropical Storm Hannah decided to lean it at 45 degrees towards our yard. Next up is the paver project and removing the terrible looking sheds on the side of our house. Pictures are due for that as well.

My nephew loved his homemade presents, even if they were *homemade*. I think it is love that counts, not presents. And I'm going to embrace this more, even if it perturbs some in my family. What do you think? Should a PRESENT be more important than being kind and treating others with respect? Little do you know how much that came into play this Christmas!

Finally, this is the last weekend that I'm performing in the Chorus of Fiddler on the Roof at our community theatre, Surfside. It has been chaotic, but there is a great group of people in the cast and we've had a wonderful time. I'll miss that for sure.