Publix Deal - 12/18

I also went to Publix yesterday. I had problems with their coupon policy (yet again). I have contacted corporate but apparently the policy differs between regions so they gave my information to the district manager. Geez, all I want to know is if it is ok to stack a publix Q and a MFC. That doesn't seem too hard.

Well I got a ton of stuff, but I won't list it all. Hopefully it will be enough to eat dinner every night that me and my husband are at home together for the holidays. He works 2 hours away so he doesn't spend the night at our house Monday-Thursdays. So I see him only on the weekends. We've been doing that for 10 months.

Grand total at Publix: Bought $208.03 worth of merchandise for $125.80 which is a savings of 30.8%.

Not too bad, but not my best. IT would have been better if she took my Revlon Beauty Tool Publix Qs for $2 off each one. I was trying for overage, though :)

I linked this through a great Publix blogger,! Go see her site too.


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