Walgreens, CVS, and Publix - 2/9 All in One Day!

I hit the shopping hard because I was on vacation in Savannah last month with my mom, best friend, and her mom.
We had a great time, but hounding had to be done yesterday. So I drove the "long" way home to hit 2 CVS and 1 Walgreens before I went to work-out.
I did quite well. This was one of the first trips I made to Walgreens, after I tried many months ago to make it profitable. I think I found a cashier that will make my life easier, not
harder. She was wonderful, asking about whether I had the correct coupons, and if I found everything. She showed me where the Gillette Gamer razors are and was very nice. She coupons too and I showed her my coupon binder. Good grief, it is huge, she said. Hahaha, she has no idea!

See the 3 posts below to see the deals I had at each store. Thanks! And don't forget to comment! I read them all :)


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