Walgreens Deal - 3/18

3.59*6 Bic Soleil Razor on Clearance
3.19*2 Acne Free Terminator
4.19 Acne Free Wash
3.00 Reach Toothbrush
3.00 Reach Floss
3.00 Reach Listerine
-8.00 RR
-2.50 RR
-3.00 Reach Q
-1.00*3 Acne Free Q
-2.00*6 Bic Soleil Q
-12.00 Bic WAG ESR Q
+1.84 tax
=2.45 on Gift Card, +5 Acne Free RR, but the $6 Reach RR did not print out. So I had to wait for a manager, and she comes, does a return of 2 reach items, which meant I got back $6.36 with tax!! Did she put that on a gift card???? NOPE! She opened the cash drawer and gave me the cash, saying, THIS IS BETTER THAN A COUPON ANYDAY! My favorite Wags of all time !

Grand total: Bought $41.11 worth of merchandise after sale price at a cost of 1.59 which is 96.13% savings. The receipt says I saved $74.07 before all the clearanced prices too! I have 1 more RR that will expire on Saturday so I have to hit another local WAG for more great deals. I was also going to buy Mylanta but the price at this store was $7.19 so that was a no-go.


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