Weekend Warriors

Over the past two weekends, we have tackled some projects at home. The first was our back porch door. Before we bought the house, the owners enclosed the porch and since then, there has been water that reaches the threshold of the door. Thus, the door has been taking the brunt of all Florida’s moisture. Ta da—

Lovely, I know. (The next project I’ll tell you about is even lovelier.) So now, we have a lovely new door, with a window so we can see outside more easily. I’ll have to remind myself to take that picture and put it on my blog at some point.

(Imagine the door here.)

Last weekend, we got up bright and early to see the shuttle launch, that didn’t happen, but instead, realized we have a drip in an upstairs bathroom (horrors!). When we investigated, this is what we found.

It had to be upstairs, in a WALL, under a vanity, between two pieces of drywall and two studs, and another pipe. Nice! So the plumber is coming today.

You wouldn’t think it was so bad from this view.

Oh, but this view can make your stomach churn over.


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