My grandfather - Joseph Walter Bragg, Jr.

This is the picture when we saw both shuttles on each pad, waiting for the launch back in May. He passed away July 13, 2009. I can't say enough about how much I loved him, or how wonderful he was as a person. He always had kind things to say about everyone, never got mad, and allowed us to be the people we were, without judging. We don't really know the reason he died, but it was of natural causes. Born on April 9, 1922, he was 87 years old and had 4 brothers and sisters.
He was a high school band director for 43 years, and 33 of them were in Dade County at Northwestern, Palmetto Palm, and South Miami Senior High. He loved that job!
I have many fond memories of going with him to parades, marching band practices, and the Orange Bowl halftime show. And of course, he bought me my wonderful Clarinet.


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