5/23 - CVS & WAG

CVS #1
3.99 Nair Bikini
4.00*2 Old Spice Body Wash
1.50*2 Newspapers
= 14.99
-4.00 ECB
-6.99 ECB
-4.00 BOGO Old Spice Body Wash
+.90 tax
=.90 OOP, +$8 Body Wash ECB

CVS #2
4.00*2 Old Spice Body Wash
4.00 Gillette Body Wash (didn't get ECB cause the limit was 2)
1.59*4 Sobe Lifewater
-1.59*2 Sobe Lifewater BOGO
1.50 Newspaper
= 19.86
-2.00 ECB
-6.99 ECB
-1.59*2 Sobe Lifewater BOGO Q
-4.00 Old Spice BOGO Q
+1.01 tax
=1.52 OOP, +$8 Body Wash ECB

Then I returned the Gillette Body wash and got a 4.24 Gift Card, which makes it a better day.

Grand total: Bought $30.85 worth of merchandise at a cost of $2.16 (and got 3 newspapers too) which is a savings of 93%

2.99 Colgate Toothpaste
+.18 tax
=3.17 OOP, +

2.99 Goody Updo Barette
-2.00 RR
+.18 tax
=1.17 OOP, +3 Goody RR

Grand total: Bought $5.98 worth of merchandise at a cost of $1.34 which is a savings of 77.6%


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