Halloween 2012

I didn't even get around to doing pumpkin carving until right before Trick or Treating.  So we just did it in the front yard  to keep things cleaner inside.  Millie didn't want anything to do with it.  She wouldn't touch the pumpkin guts and was pretty scared of them, actually, which isn't like her.  Basic pumpkin carving is all I will attempt with an 18-month-old, so we just had a grinning jack-o-lantern.  The finished product is at the very end of this post.
But, after a while, she was pretty distracted and remembered what other chores we do on the front porch....watering.
Shiny spoons are always a favorite.  This is Millie's great-grandmother's spoon.  I like that.  Which is why we are keeping a broken handled mauve spoon.
Hard at work.  Go Millie, Go!  Water those plants.  She talks to herself and is always very serious when completing a task.

On to the plants.
She actually got pretty near some of the plants, but ended up sitting down.  When you are watering yourself, and the plants, it can get a little bit wet.

After our family arrived, we went to a festival at a nearby church, and they had a free petting zoo.
Millie really likes animals, but I suppose all kids do.  She was very into petting the sheep.
And they had a free bounce house.  Her cousin, Rider Batman, was also with us and he had a great time.

Then we went on a hayride!

Finally, we did a little bit of Trick-or-Treating in our wagon (which is my wagon, actually).
And trick-or-treating isn't complete without the dog.

Happy Halloween!  It is my favorite holiday of the year and I hope it is yours too!


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