Homemade Christmas 2012 List

Every year I put together a list of gifts from my daughter (actually this is only the second year we've had to do this, since she was born in 2011) to the rest of the family, and some gifts I make for family members from me.  I try to keep them a secret, but I also like to put on my blog what I made, so you can too.  If you are a family member, don't keep reading!!!!

If you aren't a family, just scroll down.  I'll be posting how my attempts at all these projects turn out, as I work my way through them.

Okay, so if you're still with me.

First up, I'm making framed silhouettes of my daughter.  This tutorial is really great and has a lot of help for those of you with Photoshop, which is how I plan to make mine.

Next, I'm making some embroidered tea towels of my daughter's art.  Since she is so young, I'm planning on having her do a tiny amount of scribbling in all different colors so it will be multicolored abstract (she can't draw anything that you could identify).

I'm also going to weave these knot trivets (a few for me, and a few for others).  I love their nautical feel, and they seem pretty simple.  Here's how.
For my daughter, I'm making a train board just like Young House Love.  I will be making a different scene for the train to go through, and I'll share when I actually make it.
These potholders are also on my list for some relatives that like homemade items.  I love the color they can have.

I am, if I have time, planning on also making this fabric dollhouse for my daughter.

For more relatives, that have a little cooler vibe, I'm going to help my daughter make this ink blot art.  It really will turn out well, just imagine all the color combinations you could use to personalize the gift.

And I'm making this fingerprint ornament for my husband.  How can you get a grown man's thumb imprint without him knowing?  Blindfolded, maybe??

Finally, a tried and true set of picture coasters.  I think they'll turn out very cute in black and white.


  • Abby | December 30, 2012 at 3:48 PM

    Is there a way to follow you be email? I don't know if I just missed it somewhere on your blog or not, but I would love to if possible. :)

  • Rebecca | January 9, 2013 at 11:08 PM

    I finally got the chance to add a Feedburner to the blog. Thank you so much for asking me, it made me realize how helpful that would be. Kinda like a search box!!

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