Camping 1st Birthday

We had a great time at Tessa's 1st birthday party.  Camping invitations from etsy:

 I chose a camping theme, which was a lot of fun to do.  I got a kit from etsy that included these flags and an additional one for signage and cupcake toppers.

 Set out some chocolate teddy grahams, and some Swedish fish in a tackle box.
 There were also some caterpillars made out of grapes on kabob sticks out on the table as well.
 I made this beautiful sign to commemorate her 1st year.  She is a sweet baby and I'm so glad we have her. 
 I made the stuffed animals (a raccoon, fox, and hedgehog) by hand, the little cups have trail mix in them, and the cupcakes are both campfires and bear claws.  Cupcakes by publix, frosting by me!
 She is doing much better!

 We also set up our fantastic RV camper and the teepee I made from the Neverland birthday.
 The activity was for the kids to make camping lanterns out of milk jugs.  They got to hand paint them all.  You put glow sticks inside for the light.
 She was really happy!
 And finally, every one got to go fishing and won a prize.  I drew these camping letters (GONE FISHING).

The kids loved this game.


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