Housewarming Party - 10/21

We had a great time at the housewarming party. Lots of people came including my grandparents, mother and father-in-law, my husband's best friend, my sister, and family friends. Here are the pictures.

This is me and Tommy in the dining room.

This is is Katie, Dave, Mimi, me, and Joey out by the pool. It was a great day! You can see one of our palm trees and a blooming flower that looks like an orchid.

There was great food. These were "Red Eye Specials" that looked like eyeballs. The eye lashes are made out of green onions! It was so cute and they tasted great. They are plum tomatoes with mozarella balls. Thanks BH&G!

Then I also got a cake. I made pumpkin muffins which were a little dry, made Gooey Ghosts from merengue. Those were really good. We had Oozing Brie and french bread, and also Bat Wings which were marinated chicken wings. I also made Mummy Dogs, which are hot dogs wrapped in Pillsbury Bread Sticks. It was great. Also, I made Sticks and Stones, which is what I called DHunny's muddy buddies! They were a hit!
Here are 3 of my Gooey Ghosts, made from Baked Meringue. The best meringue I ever made!

The house was fully decorated because I love Halloween. So I made:
This for the entryway, which is a pumpkin a carved alongside three pictures of Lizzie Borden, Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde, and Edgar Allen Poe. There was a Raven in front of Edgar Poe's picture. It's almost like they are family!

Then I also put a Scarecrow on the front porch. It turned out better than I expected :)

I also made spider webs for the front windows out of blanket binding and nubby yarn. They turned out great. Got the spiders on sale and hung one at the front door that moves when you open it.

We put a cat chasing mice on the stairs for the entryway as well.

The staircase got a good amount of spider webs too, which Tommy, my husband, got tarantulas at Wal-Wart for, under my mother's instructions :) I just realized I didn't get a picture of my mom. Darn!

She is who gave me these great pool floaters! Love them!

These are our kitchen chairs, I used 2 yards of tulle over the top of the chairs to the side, then covered with 2 yards of tulle over the top of the chairs to the front & back, and tied with an orange ribbon. They were cute.

These are four of the goody bags I made to look like Witch's Brooms. I put a ziploc bag of Autumn Brach mix that I hounded at CVS :)

Tommy and his friend, Dave, made this pirate pumpkin. That is my grandfather, Joey, in the orange shirt.


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