Lemonade Award

I just got tagged by Sarah for the lemonade award. The Lemonade Award is given to 10 people who have shown a great attitude or gratitude this week. Here are my picks (I doubt I will have 10):

  1. fiddledeedee - Thanks to her wonderful posts and really positive outlook...and she helps me with my Publix deals!

  2. Gretton-Yaeger Life - She posts about her family and her struggles...but she always has a great attitude about what she and her family is going through. I really look up to her!

  3. Swaggrabber - Her posts and help with deals has been so wonderful! She also has been working on helping even more people across the country, which is no small feat!

I know that isn't 10 but it is the three I can think of that really merit this award. Go check out their blogs!


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