SUCCESS! Get FREE Publix Gift Card wyb Kimberly Clark Products (Update)

So I finally rounded up enough coupons to work this deal. See my post with all the details about how to earn a FREE Publix gift card here (you can get a $5 wyb $20 or a $10 wyb $35).
5.49*2 Hershey Minis Big Bag
-5.49 Hershey BOGO
-2/2 Hershey Q
2.50*14 Huggies Bath & Body Wash, Shampoo, Etc (.79*14 savings on sale)
-3/2*7 Huggies Publix Q
-1*14 Huggies MFC
.79*6 Gift Cards for Presents
+2.72 tax
=10.95, get back a $10 gift card for Publix, so cost was .95, which is a savings of 83%!


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