CVS Deal - 4/22

Shampoo anyone?? Seriously? Perhaps I should start another Sally Beauty Supply...Anyways, my favorite CVS cashier is amazing. Tonight I had no IDEA they would have all this stock at my STORE! Yes, I did all this at one store. They love it b/c I make so many sales for them. But, I hadn't printed enough coupons. So what did she do? She let me reuse the ones I had so I could get the deal, then I went home afterwards and printed the extras and brought them to her. I love, love, love this store! I wouldn't have ever asked any other cashier, but this is why it pays to know people by name, greet them, ask how they are doing, find out about their kids, and give them Christmas presents!

6.00*4 Aveeno Body Wash
6.00*2 Aveeno Exfoliating Wash
7.00*2 Aveeno Lotion
-4/20 Beauty Q (expired, but my CVS takes all expireds )
-10.00*2 Aveeno Q for 3 items
-2.00*2 Aveeno Q for 1 item
-2.89 ECB
-4.99 ECB
+1.69 tax
=5.81 on Gift Card
+20 Aveeno ECB, which is a profit of 6.31

3.34 Tresemme
3.33*2 Tresemme
5.00*3 John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioner
-4/20 CVS Beauty Q
-2.00*3 John Frieda Q
-1.00*3 Tresemme Q
(forgot the darn 5.00/15.00 Tresemme Q from CVS, dang it!)
-2.00 ECB
-2.89 ECB
-5.00 ECB
+.67 tax
=2.78 on Gift Card
+5 Tresemme ECB, +5 John Frieda ECB, which is a cost of 2.67

#3, #4
3.34*2 Tresemme
3.33*4 Tresemme
-4/20 CVS Beauty Q
-1*6 Tresemme Q
-5 ECB
-5 ECB
+.36 tax
=.36 tax
+10 Tresemme ECB, which is a cost of .36

GRAND TOTAL: Bought 115.00 worth of merchandise at a profit of 2.92 which is 100% savings!


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