House Renovation - Kind of...

I have been sleeping in our large King bed in the formal living room of our house, downstairs, without a door or anything. I finally decided to fix that crazy situation, but that involved removing 2 upstairs windows and the wall between the two windows so we could fit the headboard and mattress through the opening. (Nope, the stairs wouldn't work, we have a weird 90 degree turn on the staircase that is limited by the ceiling, and is very narrow.) Here are the pictures.

1st Window is out.

Both windows out.

Cutting the wall.

Wall is gone. Smiles!

Putting the wall back in.

There is the sturdy mattress that won't bend or slouch at all. No slacker mattresses in my life!


  • centralillinoisian | May 7, 2009 at 3:14 PM

    This sounds like my old house. I have two 90 degree turns and a ceiling that most folks hit their head on (I am short enough I don't). It was a treat getting the old furniture out since we had to dismantle or break everything to get it out.I have no idea how the previous owners even got some of the stuff upstairs! I am happy that you get to sleep in a bedroom now though, and that you had someone that could do the work to get your non-slouchy bed upstairs!

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