2/14 - 1970s Attic #2

Okay, so I finished the attic project last weekend with the help of my sister, Katie. And a little help from my dad. Here is the picture of more notable items that we found:
The tallest item is a floor scrubber...I checked it and it still worked! The blue "Gas can" type item is actually a foam fire extinguishing tub. It was empty. I also pulled down a ton of trash, chairs, and other items not in the picture, but notice on the right the white thing? It is a meat slicer!!! OMG!


  • Sara @ Russet Street Reno | February 25, 2010 at 9:25 AM

    Hey, Rebecca! You found quite a bounty of weird stuff up there, when we moved in there was a bottle of olive oil in the upstairs linen closet next to a can of WD-40. I guess they liked to be oiled up! haha

    I worried when I started by blog that people would think I was in Reno, but 'Reno' just sounded so much better than 'renovation' so I just went with it. Even my own sister in law thought it meant Reno, NV! So don't feel bad! ha

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