31st Birthday & Random Acts of Kindness

I was recently asked what I want to do for my birthday and thought -- bowling?? a movie?? Blah! There wasn't anything I need or wanted to do, and then I saw this post:


This girl is awesome! She turned 38 and did 38 random acts of kindness (RAOK) throughout the day. I am going to do this (although I'm going to do it on the Saturday before my birthday).

Do you have any ideas of what I can do that are cheap but would mean something to people? I want to touch people but can't give 45 coffees out or something like that.

1. Collect trash
2. Help push carts back from a parking lot
3. Leave a note of encouragement in a self-help book at the library
4. Write thank you notes around town
5. Fill parking meters downtown (do we have those in my hometown? I have no idea!)
6. Pay for someone's meal inside a fast food restaurant
7. Pay for a toll for someone behind me
8. Write a letter to an old friend
9. Hand bottles of water out to someone on a jog
10. Go to the playground and leave some change for kids to find (carefully)
11. Tape change to a few vending machines in the hospital
12. Read a story to kids in Barnes and Noble
13. Cut a neighbor's lawn (and mow my own of course!)
14. Leave a thank you note with a treat to our mailwoman
15. ??

I need 16 more ideas! So any you can think of would be great :)


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