Travel Cake Pops

I threw a mini shower for a guy at work who was getting married.  I secretly found out that his reception was themed on their travels together before getting married and thought that I could present him with a gift card from everyone at work and make some globe cake pops for everyone to enjoy. 

I decided to handmake the gift card holder, which is a passport replica.  I made the top from royal blue felt and the inside has a light blue fabric with a pocket for the gift card.  I also hand embroidered the passport emblem for the USA on the front cover, freehand.  I couldn't get any of my fabric markers to show up, so I just eyeballed it.

Then, I made the cakepop stands, which are small blocks of dry floral foam, with 10 places for the cake pops.  I covered the foam with tin foil, then wrapped the outside with scrapbook paper, and stuck that on with double stick tape.  Then I used M&Ms to cover the aluminum foil after the cake pops were in place.  Note, don't put the holes for the sticks too close together, they didn't fit and stuck together when I tried to use every hole.  I used bakerella's generic cake pop mix, find her here (she is Amazing!).

I decorated each pop individually to look like a globe.  I used blue candy melts for the water, and then used a premade green icing color to make the land masses.  I think they were pretty good, what do you think?
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