Happy Halloween!

Welcome to our Haunted House!  We had this setup for our party, but forgot to take the pictures.  When you get to our porch, you see our spooky scarecrow, that always looks too flat to me, but I kinda like him.  Hobo pumpkin head.  Can you see the lit hanging ghost?  It looks pretty good at night :)
And here is the front door.  I decided to make the wreath....here is the tutorial for my inspiration.
 I made only 3 ghosts, to represent the three people in our family :)
 And after you enter, this is what you can see in our incredibly 1970s foyer.  I promise I will remove the wallpaper one day.  The white pumpkin is a fake, but it looks good on my jack-o-lantern stand, doesn't it?
 My husband contributed to the decorations by drawing on our picture...I love my daughter's moustache!
 We also decorated with spider webs, but I'm nowhere near as talented as the people at my local CVS store....some people have a knack for it, I guess.  On a side note, we finally got our groupon purchase of $39 for the 11 x 17 canvas hanging on the wall.
 Here is the bat cave, see how the bats go from the living room, to the dining room, to the back?  Optical illusion!  I only have bats in two rooms.
 The last step to my "bat cave" is my tension rod, with smaller hanging bats, which gives the illusion that they are farther away.  
 Finally, I have some little items hung up in the kitchen.  The first says Boo and the second says Trick Or Treat.
Have you decorated for Halloween yet?  Every year I try to get one extra thing made to really add the special touches that our house can use, so this year the wreath is that one thing.


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