Do you like to travel?  If I could (or was a better writer, majored in anything other than engineering, or went to a liberal arts school...what Navy isn't liberal arts??), I would love to write for National Geographic.  Something about that yellow border!!

Well, I love to travel.  And that means I typically would rather be traveling than being at home.  But of course not everyone has 40 billion dollars and a dressage horse.  And so I catch myself saying, "I never go anywhere."  I think some perspective is in order!!  You see, I've been many places.  I forget that I was just somewhere....like a little over a month ago.  I wonder if that is because I'm forgetful, or just yearn for the feeling of a new place.  Here are just the places I've been since getting married:

2005: Bahamas & Key West

2006: Northwest Roadtrip (Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming)

2007: Prince Edward Island2008: Boston (graduation), Montana, Yellowstone, & South Dakota
Prince Edward Island

2010: West Virginia, Australia, North Carolina & West Virginia
On the Great Barrier Reef

2011: Pensacola, North Carolina, & New Hampshire, New Zealand & Australia (work), North Carolina & West Virginia
On the Rivendell Bridge in New Zealand
 2012: North Carolina & West Virginia, Ireland, New Hampshire
Kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland

So, the question is where to go next?  I am hoping I get to go on a bigger trip next summer, possibly with our daughter because she will be two years old.  Not to say she doesn't travel, she has already been on 4 planes and she has visited three states in addition to where we live (Florida).  I am thinking Portland (honey, do you read my posts??).  Perhaps that would be really fun!  Where have you been?  Is there anywhere I should go or is great for young children?


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