Neverland Party part 3 - Decorations

Main table with the awesome cake, made by Its a Piece of Cake by Maggi in Auburndale, FL.  Central Floridians, they are amazing.
 Here's the cake with the porcelain tink from amazon - hard to find and it was actually broken the day before the party, had to glue it together with gorilla glue.
 Have your own Pixie Stick!
Here's the hand drawn map.  There are lots of things to draw this from out there, I just free handed, then cut out a big directional legend.
 I used black craft paper to cut out huge versions of the characters.

The kids had supplies to be a pirate, pan or pixie.  The wings and hooks were from amazon.  I used paper towel rolls for spyglasses, and made little felt Peter Pan hats with a red feather.
 Here are the lantern party favors.

 And there was a treasure hunt with little bags for kids to collect their "loot".

Cute invitation idea here, with tinkerbell silhouette!
Need a favor idea - Try a tinkerbell lantern!


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