Living Room Update

Being not made of money has its downsides, but it does give you the opportunity to really decide what you want to do when you face a room you dislike.  Mirrored wallpaper?  Check.  Ughly drapes?  Check.  Mint toothpaste walls?  Check.  See?

My sisters fought me on whether this wallpaper was cool.  Frankly I'll fight anyone on that.  Anyone.
 But one thing I will give all the wallpaper in my house, is that it is a breeze to take down.  Praise be the wall paper gods.  Honestly.  I took this all down during a soccer game shooting match on TV.

 I considered saving some full sheets (FULL SHEETS!) for my sisters.  But I didn't.  The world shouldn't have mirrored bamboo wallpaper.  I chose a wall color, found some little things at Homegoods (white shelf and the beach painting).  Got a new lamb and hung pictures we already had.  Whew, so much better.

 But my favorite thing is the entertainment center.  It was hard to find one that we could use because of the long sound bar on the middle shelf.  This has 2 drawers, can fit a 45" TV, a DVR, sound bar, 2 baskets, and a play station.  We are ready to go!
 My husband keeps saying he likes this space....I'm sure he's being nice but sarcastic using the word space too much.  Next step is to remove the large curtains, which means we can move the couch back about 6", and replace with some nice blinds that fit into the window.


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