More Easy Last Minute Valentines to Make at Home

The Valentine's miracle has once again occurred at our house, where we make simple, cheap handmade Valentine's at home with a little personal pizzazz.  Don't you love a word with 4 Z's?

First up is this timely Star Wars valentine with Yoda holding a "light sabre".  This is actually a dollar store glow bracelet, but who's to know.  Very easy, print on cardstock, cut, holepunch, and tape a glowstick bracelet through the hole.  Be sure not to bend the glowstick though, or it will activate.

Our second one is a butterfly valentine with candy :)  A dollar store tootsie pop 6-pack is $1.  We just needed 3 packs.
And they are colored by hand.  Again, super easy.  Card stock, paper, crayons/markers, scissors, and tootsie pops.  Happy Valentine's Day!


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