Valentines Day Favors

I always try to do fun activities for the kid's classmates for Valentines.  Our printer works really well and I just keep a set of blank card stock available for these little projects.  I also have a couple fonts I like, but mostly I find these ideas from other people.  They aren't mine!

Millie signed her own cards last year for her class and they are slinkies.  It says "You make my Heart Spring"
Tessa can't write, but hers said "I'm a lucky DUCK to have a friend like you."  She only had 4 classmates and I got these little ducks at the dollar store.  So each kid got the little bag and the valentine.  It has a momma and 2 baby ducks.  The teacher said the parents loved these and the kids at least have something to play with.  I'm not a big fan of candy for small kids (obviously).


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