Landscaping Changes - Front and Back Yards

I didn't do myself the favor of taking before pictures, but I removed a large boxwood hedge from the front of the house in the heat.  I don't ask myself if I'm crazy, I know I'm crazy.  It had plenty of holes with dead parts and just needed a refresher, to make our front porch look more inviting and friendly.  This is what we got out of the ground - via ratchet straps and our pickup truck.  We dragged them away from the area and put them on the trailer.  It took a whole day.
 Then I went to a local nursery and to Home Depot and picked plants.

 I got several that attract butterflies and some feathery ones.  I also planted our two plumeria I had near the pool finally.  They made it 2 years in pots after our move from Merritt Island to Winter Haven to Seffner.
 It took 12 bags of mulch to mulch everything.
 And did I mention I did the pool beds as well?  I did!  Lemongrass went in to try to deter mosquitos...we'll see if that works.
Long, hard day.  Beautiful and satisfying results.


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