Homemade Christmas

I'm making many cute items that I can give to family members. Here is a great one, for a younger boy (my nephew is just over 2)....it's called a car caddy. Now, I made mine with recycled denim from DH's old ripped jeans, but I don't recommend making more than one layer denim. I went through a ton of needles because it was too thick. Here is where I saw this idea, and it has the tutorial for you as well (thanks homemade by jill!).
Inside there is an area for a road, for imaginative play!
Next up is a crayon roll, same idea but with crayons instead of cars. That is going with a coloring book about dinosaurs and a dinosaur toy (that I got with a $10 Q at Walmart!). I am also doing a quilt and towels and coaster sets, but I'll post those pictures when I'm done. Enjoy!


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