Shopping This Weekend - 12/18-12/20

I did a ton of shopping and working this weekend!

First, I finally finished the quilt I made for my Great Aunt Margaret in Oklahoma. Do you think she'll like it?? It is a 12 block, made from a pattern I found in Fon's & Porter's, and it is called the Kaleidoscope. See how the triangles inside each block rotate around to repeat? I LOVE THAT PATTERN!! The possibilities are endless. On a side note, see how I painted my living room blueberry? It is still growing on me. But most of the time it looks darker than that.

I also added a label on the back:
Then I went to Walgreens to get some much needed paper towels and John Frieda:
5.94*2 Viva Towels (6 pk) [15% discount]
5.94*2 John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioner [15% discount]
.50 Mouthwash drops filler
-2.00 RR
-2.00 RR
-2.00*2 Viva Q
-5.00/2 John Frieda Q
+1.43 tax
=2.69 OOP, cost of 6.69

Next up was CVS on Sunday for the new deals! I found a ton of the Thermacare (thank you manager of my local CVS).
I did 4 transactions before bopping over to church.
2.49*3 Thermacare
2.99 Scissors
-2.99 Raincheck Scissors
-1.00*3 Thermacare Q
-4.00 ECB
=.47 OOP

6.99 Revlon Moondrops Lipstick
2.88 Crest ProHealth 4.2 oz toothpaste
5.99 Nivea Body wash
2.49*2 Thermacare 1ct
= 20.84
-.64 ECB (adjusted from 1.00)
-5.98 ECB
-7.47 ECB
-.75 Crest Q
-1.00*2 Thermacare Q
-2.00 Revlon Q
-2.00 Nivea Q
+.93 tax
=.93 OOP

6.99 Revlon Moondrops Lipstick
2.49*3 Thermacare 1ct
2.99 Scissors
-6.99 ECB
-1.00 ECB
-2.99 Scissors Raincheck
-1.00*3 Thermacare Q
-2.00 Revlon Q
+.19 tax
=1.66 OOP

6.99 Revlon Moondrops Lipstick
2.88 Crest ProHealth 4.2 oz
5.99 Nivea Body Wash
2.49*2 Thermacare 1ct
-7.47 ECB
-5.98 ECB
-.75 Crest Q
-2.00 Revlon Q
-2.00 Nivea Q
-1.00*2 Thermacare Q
+.96 tax
=1.60 OOP

Grand total: Bought $69.59 worth of merchandise at a profit of $9.71, which is a savings of 100%!

Next up was Publix (or P-club known to some).
3.19*3 Gallon Milk
.60*8 Swanson Canned Broth (saved .49 each on sale)
-.25/4*2 Swanson Q
2.99*2 Aleve (saved .52 each on sale)
-1.00*2 Aleve Q
2.50*2 Sister Schubert’s Rolls
-1.00*2 Sister Schubert’s Q
1.29 Organic Carrots
3.69*2 Wesson Oil
-3.69 Wesson BOGO
14.06 Beef Rib Roast (saved 9.04 on sale)
-2.00/10 Deli Food Lion Competitor’s Q
1.99 5# Idaho Potatoes (saved 1.50 on sale)
.92 White Onion
2.00 Loaf of Bread (saved .99 on sale)
=42.80, saved 28.66 which is 40.1%...not my best but certainly not my worst.

Finally, last weekend (2 Sundays ago), my church had a cookie exchange. I made my grandmother's buckeyes, and won a prize -- MOST TRADITIONAL. Kinda funny cause a lot of people I know have never had buckeyes. But they were delicious. I'll post the recipe at some point on my blog.


  • hitenney | December 22, 2009 at 3:25 PM

    Dear Rebecca - I'm sure everybody's posting on the Board how much they love your quilt, but I wanted to do it here, too. I can't get over how different the fabric squares look from one row to the next, but still the same three main fabrics (at least I think so...). The white background is really pretty, too. I love white on white. Great job - and by the way, what's a buckeye?

  • Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog | December 23, 2009 at 2:11 PM

    1. That quilt is so beautiful! Quilting is on my list of things I'd looove to learn how to do.

    2. Wow, you rocked it at CVS this week!!

  • Rebecca | January 8, 2010 at 12:13 PM

    thanks you guys. hitenney - you're right, they are the same fabric.

    kasey - thanks! quilting isn't hard try to find someone who you know that quilts and get them to show you. there are great books out too, and you need a good sewing machine

  • Aleda | January 16, 2010 at 1:18 PM

    Rebecca - Are you on your blog at all? I survived the service charge on my check, but I'll be doing better in a week or so. It's almost Tuesday...are you holding on?

  • OfficeDepot Coupon | February 15, 2010 at 10:55 PM

    The white background is really pretty, too. I love white on white. Great job,thanks for sharing

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