Bumblebee Baptism Party - 2 - Headbands

I already put up one blog post about the invitations for the baptism party here, but I wanted to keep on giving details for most of my projects.  I had the idea of each guest getting a headband to wear, but scaled it back to keep people from feeling like they HAD to wear a headband.  To get people in the bee mood at the party, I offered headbands outside the front door on a small table.  We also hung some of Martha's tissue pom poms, which were a cute yellow color (sorry, my sister took them for her apartment so I don't have pictures).  Go here for inspiration.

 Here is what they looked like on.  I made the antenna style for a literal interpretation of the Buzzing Bee, but I also made some of those popular flower headbands, mainly worn by the females at the party. 

 The flower headbands are very simple to make.  I got stretchy elastic headbands at the dollar store, and hot glued flowers to a piece of felt.  Then I cut the felt to a minimum outline, and hot glued it to another piece of felt to glue it to the headband.  I put the metal part of the headband inside the felt, to hide it, and they pretty much fit everyone, even my 6 month old daughter.

Some people were even sad we ran out of headbands!!

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