Bumblebee Baptism Party - 3 - Yellow Flag Banner

Inspiration photo
I saw some cute flag banners for sale on etsy through pinterest, and I thought, heck I could probably make that.  So I did!

First, select your fabrics.  A great part of this project is showcasing all the fabric you may (of course we have too much fabric!) have collected and using some of the pieces to justify to your loved ones just why you have to have more fabric :)

Since ours was a fall bee theme, I tried to stick with harvest colors.  I happen to have a ton of plaid and stripes from a crazy plaid and striped only quilt that was a mess, so I did get to use a few of those fabrics.

Next, cut 6.5" wide strips of each fabric so that you can cut your triangles.  I use trirecs tools to cut triangles because I have them and they were the right type of triangle for me (these are icoscoles if you wanted to know).  I used to teach high school mathematics.

Cut as many sets of triangles as you would like.  Each set will make one flag.  For some flags, one side of the flag was in one fabric, and the other side was different.  It depends on your taste.

Next, I cut a 2.5" strip for bias fabric (to make the banner).  This was a fabric I got at Walmart last Christmas to make a wonderful casserole carrier from Homemade by Jill.  Anyways, cut those and sew the ends together.  You will have to fold and iron to hide the raw edges, just like making bias tape for quilts.  Here is a fabulous tutorial if you don't know what I mean.

This is the Bias fabric name.  I love these names.  I sewed the strip together and folded with the iron.

Then I sewed together the pairs of flags, wrong sides together.

Then I turned each of the flags right side out carefully using a plastic tool.

 I decided to keep a 6 inch gap between the flags to make it longer, so it would be a long banner rather than a short one.  So you just pin each flag in between the bias sandwich, so that no raw edges are showing, and then there is only one more step.
 You sew straight down the binding to finish the banner.
 And you're done!

 Here is how we used them in my daughter's six month pictures and at the party.

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