Orange Dome Memories

There is a landmark in my small hometown of Winter Haven, Florida.  It is the Orange Dome.  This is an artistic representation, although I have to say it never looked that spiffy.  The orange is now faded, its use is forgotten, and it sits alone on a lot with a sad chain link fence, almost protecting it from us.  
Well, the time has come to tear it down and I'm a little bit nostalgic.  I remember going there as a child for the Citrus Festival (which has also been canceled).   My husband remembers bringing livestock to the fair as well.  And I'm sad my daughter won't ever get to see what it looked like, even if it never met the artistic ideal that is above.  So I went down to take some pictures before it is gone.
She was more interested in the leaves, but it provided me with at least some happiness that I have these pictures and can show them to her someday.

They are tearing it down.  Here's the time delay camera link.


  • Anonymous | February 13, 2012 at 8:58 AM

    Glad you have fond memories. Any experience I ever had there was awful. Loud, terrible accoustics, bad ventilation. -- Auntie Frances

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