Scrum Baby Shower Cake Pops

At my work, we follow a somewhat annoying meeting process called Scrum.  It is named for the Rugby term, and frankly most of us don't like it.  But we are handling it with grace (sarcasm?).  There was a story that during the meetings (which are EVERY day), some of us are pigs and some of us are chickens.  The pigs are those that are fully committed to the task, and chickens are those that are only involved.  It goes along the lines of breakfast:  pigs are committed (i.e. bacon) and chicksn are involved (i.e. eggs).  One gets the axe, another gets to roost.

A coworker's wife is having a baby.  We threw a baby shower for him, and I made these cake pops to celebrate.  Bear in mind, he told his wife that since she was fully committed to the pregnancy, but he was only involved, that she was the pig and he was the chicken.  Yeah, I don't think that went over very well.  Here are the chicken cake pops:
 And here are the piggies:
 Sorry for the bad pictures, I don't seem to have great photography skills right now.  The red on the chickens are M&Ms and so are the pink noses for the pigs.  Picked up a Valentine's Day pack that had them.
The cupcakes had small squares of yellow fondant (homemade fondant tastes better!).  I wrote tasks like Bathe the Baby and assigned hours to complete.  One only hopes it doesn't take 10 hours for Bedtime.  The yellow squares are supposed to be Post-It notes, which is how we record tasks for our Scrum meetings. 


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