Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!

On Friday night I decided to delve into a project to make Millie a cute St. Patrick's Day outfit.  Mainly, I wanted it to have a rainbow and a pot of gold.  My idea was to make the rainbow out of ruffled strips of each color.  Then I wonder undered a cloud and a pot of gold.  The "gold" were yellow felt flowers I picked up at Michael's clearance table.  They look so perfect though.
 The skirt went with a different outfit.  But it worked to make the set a little more green.  And of course, nothing is complete without a headband.  Millie hates headbands!

I don't want to wear this headband!

You take it off right now!  I mean it!

One more thing.  In this case, the white oneise I modified was too large.  To make it "fit", I simply sewed the top sides of the neck opening together so it would stay on her shoulders.  You can kind of see the two places where I tacked it together in the last picture.


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