First Birthday Party - 3 - Glider and Crocheted Kite Favors

Up, Up, and Away is on its way!  We have:
Invitations & Pretend Passport Activity Books

and now we are going to make party favors that fit the theme.  I gave a hint that I would be crocheting kites as part of this blog post.  And I've started that process.  Here is how I'm going to use them at the party.

We are going to give out gliders as party favors ($8.50 for 72 makes them very affordable).
Here is where I found the kite tutorial.  The pattern she gives out is perfect, but I did start making mine with less rows to make the process quicker.  Awesome job Maize!  I chose three different colors of yarn to work with....I had the purple on hand and am getting low on it, actually. 
Don't they look cute?!?
Here is what they will look like when they are finished, all wrapped up and ready to "fly"!  I'm wrapping them in colorful Dollar Store tissue paper (cheap, cheap, cheap) and then using the crocheted kites to wrap them.  It almost looks like the spool of line you have with a kite.  So cute.  I hope everyone at the party thinks they are great.  And the gliders fly really well too.
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