Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party part 2 - Goodie Bags

I wanted to make some goodie bags that reminded people of Mickey Mouse, but I don't really like the old plastic kind.  So I was a little crafty and made some felt bags that are very simple to make.  I made 9 in about 1 1/2 hours.  Not bad.  First, I cut out the pieces.  Note, I just cut out handles rather than sewing on handles later.  This makes for a weaker handle, but a happier mother.

 You just sandwich the red square in between the two black pieces.
 Then sew around all three sides (left, right, and bottom).
 And turn the bag right side out.  Now you have an inner pocket, and an outer pocket inside the red square.  I chose to leave it this way instead of sewing the red square down first (saves time and energy).
 Then hotglue on some buttons (I got yellow but they should really be white), and add some goodies for the kiddos!
And that's it!  Simple favors for a group of kids.  You could customize for ages based on what toys you add.

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