Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party part 4 - Balloon Wreath

I had a straw wreath form and thought that it would be neat to make a little Minnie Mouse inspired decoration with it for the front door.  I saw an etsy shop that makes balloon wreaths and came up with a way to make it myself, saving $50!! 

I believe the only differences between the original idea and mine was that I found only pretty large balloons and couldn't get them any smaller at WalMart, and that my wreath form is much larger which means I needed more balloons.  I didn't really feel like ordering any balloons online.  So I just bought 12" round pink, red, white, and black balloons from the store.  The wreath form I used is 22" I believe.  First, just separate your balloons by color.  You'll also need straight pins.

Then starting at the top, take a balloon and use a straight pin to stick it into the wreath.  The goal is to fold over the balloon so the pin is concealed. 
See how it folds over so you can't see the pin?
Then, keep going, mixing the colors and change the exact way that you pin each balloon so they all look different.
As you go around, you may end up with some spots that aren't as covered, in which case you just need to go back and fill them in with another balloon.
It helps to hold the wreath in the orientation it will be hung so the balloons lay the way they will on your door.  This helps to find those holes that people will see.
Halfway there!  I think a wreath of this size took about 100 balloons, but I cannot be sure because I had several mixed packs and have balloons left over for the party decorations.
Finally, hang your wreath on your front door.  I used polka dot red ribbon to go with the Minnie Mouse theme.  By the way, my daughter's favorite character is actually Mickey, but I thought the pink would be a nice addition to the wreath. 
You could also add a sign to commemorate the special occasion.  I haven't put my sign on the wreath yet, but it will say Happy 2nd Birthday with mouse ears and I'll write it in the classic Walt Disney font you see on the internet.  I'm pretty happy with how this came out.  It will really make an impact on the way into the party!

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