Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party part 3 - Punch Box

Instead of a pinata, because this is a 2 year old birthday party, after all, I went with a punch box.  I found the original idea on pinterest of course, but made my own variant to house toys the kids will get.  First, I used a box on hand and opened it up and cut off two of the flaps so I had some cardboard to work with.  I cut the cardboard from the cutoff flaps into strips the depth of the box, then arranged them in a tic-tac-toe formation and cut slits so they would hold together.

See the slits below?
Then I flipped the box over and used a bowl to draw circles, arranged in that same tic-tac-toe pattern. 
 This is actually the bottom of the box, as you can see with the original packing tape.  I used a box cutter to cut out each circle.  I bet squares would have been much easier!!!
After all the holes were cut, I flipped the box back around and used double sided tape to stick down pieces of tissue paper to cover the holes.
And then I added a second layer of tissue paper.
Next, add in some toys for the kids.  Mine ranged from bouncing balls, sand toys, a snake, a bath boat, to floam.
Finally, tape those flaps closed and then flip the box over.  Next, I covered up the face of the brown cardboard with a cheerful wrapping paper print.  I wish I had Mickey Mouse paper on hand, but I love to use what I have!  Doesn't it look like fun?  I think the kids, especially 1-3 year-olds will have a blast with this, and I hope the older kids like it too.  I specifically didn't include candy because of the ages, but you could always throw in candy, too :)
Like this?  Then
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