Homemade Christmas 3 - Old McDonald Hand Puppets

Another handmade gift I made was for a friend with 3 boys.  The first boy is getting a cape, which I blogged about here.

The second boy is getting wonderful little handpuppets, which I found on pinterest (shocker) here.
Mine came out very close.  I found the sheep difficult and it took a long time to cut all the pieces.  I did make 2 sets, one for her son and one for my daughter, so that added cutting time.  But I think it was worth it.  A 3 year old will LOVE these!

Old McDonald

My daughter thought these were suspicious!

PS - Her 3rd son is still gestating, due December 20th and I am making a quilt, although I haven't cut any pieces for the top yet.  Looks like that will be a rush job!

UPDATE - Of course I'm way behind posting this so her son has been born...Jude Lane, and I'll be posting his quilt just as soon as she receives it!  No gift spoilers on this here blog!!!


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