I Love Ewe Onesie

I decided to make a cute onesie for Millie as a Valentine's day outfit.  I couldn't find anything cute, except for nauseating ones about Loving Mommy, Daddy, and everyone else.  I want something CUTE!  Not sickening...

So I decided to make one.  First, I cut out a picture of a sheep I liked and then traced that shape onto wonder under.  Then I ironed the wonder under onto a piece of minke white fabric (to make it seem more sheep-like, but to keep the white very white, I had to sew this onto a piece of felt).  Then I sewed the hooves onto the red onesie, and sewed the white sheep body on top, and added a face, tuft of hair, and ears.

I did the lettering the same way, but with black courderoy (wish I had regular black fabric, it would have made the letters cleaner).  I have a Cameo, but sadly all I've done is taken it out of the box, so this project was done by hand.  One lesson I learned?  Use interfacing when you try to sew on thin letters.  It will keep the jersey knit of the onesie from getting sucked into the bobbin area of your sewing machine.

Do you think it looks like a sheep?  If you would like, you could buy one of these onesies for your little one, just in time for Valentine's Day <3  Here's the link at my etsy shop.

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  • Auntie Frances | January 23, 2012 at 3:35 PM

    You might also consider buying tear-away stabilizer to use on the underside -- or in an emergency, use newspaper or tissue paper to stabilize the area. It will keep the knit from sucking into your feed dogs and give you a better result. (Remember, Auntie Frances always has a tip.) But this is very cute, and I would like a big girl tee!

  • nasagreen | January 23, 2012 at 9:30 PM

    Yes, I just always forget those helpful items! I have stabilizer on the underside and everything, at arms length from the machine! And of course, I could have not been lazy and switched to a ball point needle :)

    Thanks Auntie Frances!

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