Homemade Christmas 5 - Major Award Onesie

Another terribly late Christmas post.  I made this onesie for my baby, but it was really a "present" for my husband, who loves The Christmas Story.

Here was my pinterest inspiration:
I decided to only put the leg lamp on the onesie without the words.  I didn't have an easy way to trace and cut big letters.  I just used two separate colors for the lamp, offwhite and black.  I printed the picture from etsy, and blew it up to the size that would fit my onesie and cut the shapes.  I used wonder under to help all the shapes adhere to the fabric and sewed around all the shapes with a zig zag pattern.

What do you think? I think next year I'll have to add this to my shop so people can get their own Major Award :)

Merry Christmas!
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