Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Part part 1 - Invitations

We are doing a Mickey Mouse theme for Millie's 2nd birthday party, which is small & at our house, because she loves Mickey so much.  She literally screams when she seems Mickey anywhere and will run over anyone in her way to get to the Disney store.  She's not two yet, but I see a storm coming...

So I designed the shapes to fit in the shape of the envelopes I have, which are A7.  They are half a sheet of letter paper.

First I drew and cut the black background, with half circle red pieces.

Then I sewed the red half circle onto the Mickey ears. I didn't change any materials on my machine, the needle & thread are the same.  I did have to adjust tension, but that was easy.

Then I used my silhouette to cut out little white "buttons" out of regular paper.  

And the last step was to insert the invitation wording:
"HOT DOG!  Put on your ears....it's time for cheers!  MILLIE is turning 2 so please join us for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party!"

The only thing I needed to buy for this was black & red cardstock and since the whole party is this theme, I'll be using it for more ideas later.  Only one month to go.

Like this?  Then  


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