First Birthday Party - 6 - Dessert Tablecloth

I decided to make a table cloth that is reuseable and decorative for our first birthday party.

I went to Goodwill and bought several sheets, a bedskirt, and an orange shower curtain. My main criteria were color, size, and quality. The total was about $10. Making the actual table cloth was more time consuming than I realized.

I wanted a tiered, gathered skirt with three layers. I think it came out pretty!
I do wish that the tiers were longer so they overlapped.  But I couldn't make the strips of the sheets wider or I wouldn't have had enough fabric to go all the way around the table.  The top fabric, same as the second tier, is a turquoise fabric that is textured.  I had the most of this fabric.  The top tier fabric is a fitted sheet.  The bottom tier fabric is a bedskirt with two fabrics.  I liked this and used it for the bottom since it was already ruffled and was completely hemmed.
It took so long to make the tablecloth, and contributed to how long it took me to post, because I had to add the pleats.  My original idea was to gather but I didn't have nearly enough fabric for the circumference of the table.  By the way, I bought this table at Walmart for $38.  It folds in half, is made of a plastic top, so it is light, and is perfect for yardsales.  I'm planning on using this as the dessert table at the party.

Complete with the cupcake stand and a globe that I found at my church (and borrowed for a week)!

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