Master Bedroom - Part 2

The master bedroom should be a retreat.  And ours wasn't, at all. Here is what it looked like when we moved in.

 *The brown door above has already been painted white, when I painted the brown paneling.

The first step was to prime (again), and then to paint the wonderful color Martha Stewart's Tidewater matched in Behr paint & primer in one.  It was my first try with the paint/primer combo and I liked it, but I used a lot more paint than I normally do and was worried I would run out of the gallon I had purchased.  When did paint get so expensive?

 This is the color with a horrible flash.  It is much deeper than this.  I'll try to take a daytime picture to give a more accurate representation.
I love the dark wood with the sea green color.  We don't make our bed, by the way.  Ever. But I did for this picture.

The curtains are homemade and were in our last house's dining room.  I like them a lot and the rod, I had as well.  Again it was from out last house.  I hung up the art that we have.  The walls are pretty bare.  I don't mind sparse decor, but I think we need a little bit more.

The bookcase looks good for now, and gives me a lot more storage for albums and my books.  I read about 5 to 6 books at a time and need a place to stack them.  Here it is being painted:
I love the sea foam green!  We are getting rid of the floor lamp, and the lamp on top of the shelf needs to find a home.

I also tried to follow Young House Love's idea to buff scratches out, but it didn't work for my dresser.  For now, it is how it is.

Finally: the to-do list:
  • Paint bedroom walls
  • Install floating shelves and put up decorative items on them
  • Get bench or seating for room
  • Remove wallpaper in bathroom sink area
  • Paint bathroom sink area and bathroom
  • Install curtains and new curtain rod
  • Change ceiling fan or get new light fixture
  • Get new nightstands to match the height of our actual bed
  • Sand and paint bookcase
  • Move in bookcase to hold books and personal items
  • Hang art, some pictures, and other stuff for accessories
  • Clean old dresser and buff out scratches, perhaps get new pulls
Here is my post that explains my inspiration for the room (part 1).


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