Easter Tree

I decided to use a bit of nature and make an easter tree to hang little ornaments on.  The project was going really smoothly.  I picked up some dead branches from our backyard, sprayed them white,

But of course, nothing goes to plan.  After I poured the plaster of paris and it set, the terra cotta pot cracked.
 So I got a new pot, that was actually cuter (although not the same size) and planned on chiseling the pot off the paris mold, then placing the tree in the mold in the new pot.
 And it worked!  The pot just chipped apart in rather large pieces :)

 The first time I put the mold in the new pot, I realized I would have to eliminate the top edge of the plaster mold to let it set down in the blue pot.
 There, much better.
 And aren't the ornaments cute?
 I got them for $2.19 at Goodwill :)


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