JBF Prep & Sale Tips

Whew!  It takes a lot of work to consign at the JBF sale.  I mainly consign outfits that I got at the last sale and are either looking a little worn (but not so worn the sale won't accept them) or seasonal outfits that won't fit my best friend's daughter (we trade clothes) when she will need them.  I also have a lot of leftover clothes that didn't sell from the last sale, already tagged and ready to go.  All you need is a bit of organization, and some space to spread out!
 You have to tag each item in your online account, assign a category, size, and price.  Then you have to affix the labels to each item, and organize the clothes by size.  When you get to the sale, JBF volunteers WILL check all your items and some checkers are pickier than others.  No stains (however light), no rips, no unwashed clothes, etc.  I put shoes in ziplock bags if they fit to be sure the sale doesn't lose a shoe!  You print out all the tags, then cut & pin or tape the tags to your items.  Clothes take a while because of all the safety pins it takes (see below)!
And then, after the checkers approve your clothes, YOU have to put them on the racks in the appropriate size categories (which is why sorting by size is good!).  It saves a ton of time if you have all the 0-3 months together and can put them all in the same spot.  I use cheap ribbon to bow tie the like sized clothes together by the hanger in order to make this painless.  It worked so well!

Happy JBFing!  And if you're in Tampa, go to the one this weekend!  The sale is free on Saturday at the Florida State Fairgrounds or $2 admission Friday.  And the 50% off sale is on Sunday for all tags without a star.


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