Master Bathroom - Part 4

The master bathroom is coming together, after a paint color change (bah!).  Don't you hate painting things two times?  I am a quick decider, which sometimes means I don't end up loving what I do.  Which means I have to redo.  Bummer.  But it is so hard to pick everything right the first time.  Try not to beat yourself up if you have the same problem, we all find it hard sometimes.  

I think this house is harder given the fact that we don't have a lot of natural light in rooms.  If the rooms have dim or non-natural light settings, then your color will look differently than in another room, or in the store.  Don't forget to get a paint sample if you can't tell if it will work for you!

Here is what the bathroom looked like when we moved in:

I left off with the walls ready for paint.
And then I painted the Havana Cream color...but it was TOO yellow.

I couldn't keep it.  It brought out the pink in the shower stall and I hate pink.  So I switched to an off white color called Cozy Cottage.  I also took down the wall paper in the outer area of the master bathroom and primed the walls so I could paint that area at the same time as I painted the shower stall for the second time.

 It all came together really nicely and the paint color very closely matches the sink.  The color is Behr's Cozy Cottage.  Can you tell that it is more neutral and without so much YELLOW?  I like it much better.
 I also added a hook hanger for about $12 from Lowe's so that we have a place to hang towels in the shower room.  Previously I was using a plastic hook off the door.  It is truly the little things that help room to be more functional.  My husband didn't even know I put this up, that is how easy it is!
 You can see a little of the master bedroom paint color, although it is much greener in person.  And you can see the shower room with the hanging towels from this view as well.  I just rehung the pictures we already had in the same configuration, because I like them that way.
 Obviously, the lights still need to be replaced, but I'll save up for that and give another post when I do.  I also want to update the mirror.  It is currently just plain and actually too large for a one person sink.   The door on the mirrored wall is to the garage.  I wish I could just drywall that over and add a double sink vanity to replace what is there already.  Maybe later...
 We need to add some drawer locks for the tall less than 2 year old.   Below is the view from the bathroom to the bedroom.  It is coming together!  See the shelf leaning against the wall in front of my dresser?  I still have to install that and add some accessories, and update the outlets.
 And the view from the shower room into the closet area. 

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