Baby Sprinkle

I hosted a baby sprinkle for my best friend.  A baby sprinkle is a party for a 2nd or 3rd child for a parent in order to celebrate the coming, or already arrived, baby.  This one is for a little girl!  Most of my ideas were from pinterest, so I included links to DIY how-tos for the ones that aren't really my idea.

I made a little flag banner first.  I had a lot of fun making this and it definitely can be used again.  It says Sprinkled With Love.  Also works well for Valentine's Day!

Because it was a sprinkle, I made a little set of rain clouds behind the dessert table, which basically was simply my DIY cupcake stand.

 I made some fortune cookie party favors with hershey kisses.

 I made some pom pom flowers that can be used again.
 I also made a bow making station, because this little girl has a LOT of hair.
 The guests clipped their creations onto a card with a rainbow :)    The guests had a really nice time making them and signing the little homemade card.
 I used a cheap bag of confetti from the Dollar Store to decorate the tables.
 No party is complete without a party pooper....


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